On the Internet…

The modern internet is quite the sight to behold. One might assume that the days of the AOL walled garden were long gone, but it is my belief that this is in fact not the case. Everything presently revolves around a world constructed by the likes of Google, Facebook, Apple and a select few others. If you are here then you likely enjoy freedom from that world, which is good because you won’t find much of it here. It’s not that it’s particularly difficult to break free from it, for example the bibliography of any given well sourced Wikipedia page will send you down a wonderful rabbithole for any length of time you desire, the problem more lies in the infinite number of places one can go! It is often more comfortable to scroll through the same utter bullshit endlessly than it is to seek out something unfamiliar but infinitely more interesting. I’d like to contribute something more substantial to the ecosystem than more reposted memes, which is why I started this site. It is important to note that Shite doesn’t mean shit, Shite is the essence of the mundane. Often the mundane is far more interesting than you’d expect! Do you ever wonder why the streetlights on one street look different to those on the next? Someone has, and they can probably tell you more about them than you know about yourself! That’s what this site is about, collating the strange knowledge of the internet into an easily digestible format. More for myself than for you, but if you’d like to read it, of course you’re welcome!

For the reasons mentioned at the top of this post, the site will likely not have much of a social media presence, it’s probably not well suited to that sort of environment in any case. Of course, knowing me I will change my mind about this in half an hour or so then change it back immediately. In all honesty, despite being 24 and thus one of them there “Digital Natives”, I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing when it comes to social media. Quite frankly it can stay that way. I’ll stick with an obscure little blog, thank you very much.